Subtraction Cutting by Julian Roberts

'Subtraction Cutting' is a method of hollow construction developed and taught by fashion designer Julian Roberts, that can be used variously to make mens and womens fashion garments, accessories, and interior/exterior products.

The method has been taught and demonstrated in over 17 countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Australia, USA, Russia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, China, Nigeria, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and France.

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Patterns can look nothing like garments.

The big question is:
Are the holes being included in the garment pattern, or excluded?

Walking the walk.


Necessary Waste.
Made this fast cut toile shape today, and then binned it.
Wasn’t what I was looking for. You live and learn.


Forthcoming Subtraction Cutting Masterclasses


22 October 2014 - Wales- Carmarthen - University of Wales

21 November 2014 - London - British Fashion Council Colleges Committee Cutting Seminar at Somerset House

9-14 December 2014 - Brazil - Orbitato Instituto Pomerode, and Escola da Cidad São Paulo

28-30 January 2015 - Singapore - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)

4-5 March 2015 - Norway - Bergen Academy of Art and Design (collaboration with Tove Tømmerberg, Donna Huanca and Margareta Kern)

April 2015 - Lebanon - Creative Space Beirut - Date TBC

6-8 May 2015 - Hong Kong - Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)

April & June 2015 - London - Royal College of Art - Dates TBC

August 2015 - Mexico - Guadalajara CIME, and Monterrey - Date TBC

More venues & dates to follow soon.
All venues open to host institution guests only.
Get in touch for more info on organizing a masterclass.

Colour matching.

Cutting and drawing.

Cutting and drawing.

Cutting and drawing.

Julian Roberts 2006 Professorial Lecture - 'Against the Grain - Adventures in Creative Pattern Cutting' from julian roberts on Vimeo.

2006 Professorial Lecture by Julian Roberts, entitled ‘Against the Grain - Adventures in Creative Pattern Cutting’, including rare footage of the first live ‘Tunnel Technique’ demonstration performed on stage.

Part 1 - Professorial Lecture Speech

Part 2 - Live cutting demonstration - a ‘Tunnel Technique’ dress

Part 3 - Finale and audience Q&A’s

DeHavilland Auditorium, Hatfield, UK.

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